Plasma Elite (PlaCo) - Upper Eyelid Lift

45 min                                          $995.00

Plasma Elite (PlaCo) - Lower Eyelid Wrinkle Treatment

60 min                                           $995.00

Plasma Elite (PlaCo) - Top Lip (Smoker's Lines)

60 min                                           $550.00

Plasma Elite (PlaCo) - Bottom Lip Area

60 min                                            $350.00

Plasma Elite (PlaCo) - Neck Lift (Center Only)

60 min                                            $550.00

Plasma Elite (PlaCo) - Full Neck Lift

60 min                                         $1,250.00

Plasma Elite (PlaCo) - Crows Feet (Side of Eyes)

60 min                                            $420.00

Plasma Elite (PlaCo) - Cheek

60 min                                   from $650.00

Plasma Elite (PlaCo) - Nasolabial Folds

60 min                                   from $450.00

Plasma Elite (PlaCo) - Frown Lines (Between Brows)

60 min                                   from $275.00

Plasma Elite (PlaCo) - Marionette Lines

60 min                                   from $450.00

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The treatment uses a new ‘plasma technology.’ The machine produces at its tip a plasma flash which evaporates on the skin, creating a superficial micro millimetre-sized spot which minimises the skin in the immediate vicinity. Further points are introduced to create a reduction grid in the desired area which will end up with small dry spots. The crusts take 5 to 7 days to fall off and can be covered with make-up. Subsequently, slight redness can be visible for 3 to 4 weeks.

The effect of this non-invasive alternative to surgery is improved skin elasticity and tissue-tightening, resulting in visibly tighter skin!



$50 price is redeemable on any service

90 min                              $50.00


  • $50 charge if cancellation is with less than 24 hours notice.

  • Full charge if cancellation is with less than 1 hour notice