Dermalux Express Three Treatment

45 min                             $240.00

Derma Peel Pro Facial

65 min                             $199.00

Dermalux Facial

45 min                             $110.00

Lymphatic Drainage Skin Tightening Detox Facial

90 min                             $149.00

Lymphatic Detox Skin Tightening Mask + Dermalux LED

80 min                             $199.00

Deluxe Dynamic Facial

30 min                             $350.00

Timeless Prodigy Anti-Ageing Treatment

90 min                             $225.00

Lymphatic Skin Tightening Mask + Dermalux

90 min                             $199.00

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Dynamic Skin Services offers a range of carefully designed skin rejuvenating treatments, using  leading international Skeyndor products and innovative, state of the Art Technology.

Dermalux Facial. This treatment is the state of the art LED technology treatment that is 3x the strength of the other machines.

Lymphatic Drainage Skin Tightening Detox Facial. This treatment targets a fast and effective way to stimulate lymphatic system in and around the face. It is designed to work with your circulatory system, which provides nutrients such as amino acids, water and oxygen to your cell and tissues, to promote healthy, radiant skin.

Deluxe Dynamic Facial. This renowned facial is unique to Dynamic Skin Services, including a combination of Dermabrasion, deep cleansing, Photo rejuvenation, Vitamin infused Masks, Dermalux and Alma Laser heat therapy. This treatment produces remarkable results with increased collagen production and stronger more vibrant skin structure and texture.

Derma Peel Pro Facial. This powerful Facial treatment uses advanced peeling technology without stripping the skin of essential nutrients. It delivers incredible peeling ingredients such as Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHA) , Poly-Hydroxy Acids (PHA) and biological peptides that work to renew the skin's texture, pores, moisture, plumpness and hydration.


$50 price is redeemable on any service

90 min                              $50.00


  • $50 charge if cancellation is with less than 24 hours notice.

  • Full charge if cancellation is with less than 1 hour notice