Eyebrow Tattoo

45 min                              $650.00

Later Top-Up

30 min                              $275.00

Later Top-Up + Feather-Touch Eyebrows

60 min                              $275.00

Feather Touch Eyebrows

60 min                              $650.00

Microblading Brows

60 min                              $650.00

Microblading - Feather Eyebrow Touch Up

60 min                              $275.00

Phi Brow and Bold Brow

60 min                              $650.00

Top Eyeliner

90 min                              $250.00

Bottom Eyeliner

90 min                              $250.00

Top + Bottom Eyeliner

90 min                              $450.00

Full Lip Tattoo

90 min                              $700.00

Tattoo and Cosmetic Tattoo Removal Package

60 min                              $750.00

Non Laser Tattoo Removal

60 min                              $250.00

Brow Waxing

20 min                              $30.00

Henna Brows

45 min                              $60.00


20 min                              $30.00


20 min                              $30.00


Cosmetic tattooing – lips, eyebrows, areolas, bottom and top eyeliner. Wake up with make-up!


Cosmetic tattooing can be used to enhance your natural beauty without wearing make-up every day. Imagine waking up with full, neat brows, lined eyes and even a full lip tint, all without smudging. Tattoos are applied on the eyebrow area to enhance a fuller look and fill in sparseness. Lips can be lined or filled completely with color via tattoos. Permanent eyeliner makeup is also a popular choice, and can be custom designed to your facial features and lifestyle. With the feather touch technique, a microblade is used to gently mark the strokes into your skin. We can custom mix inks to ensure the perfect colour for you. Eyebrow microblading is not a painful tattoo procedure, however we can use numbing cream if you prefer.

Why Choose Cosmetic Tattoo?

  • Do you have bad eyesight or shaky hands that prevent you from applying your own makeup?​

  • Do you have thinning hair or alopecia? Filling in the brows and eyeliner can make you appear to have fuller hair.​

  • Do you have scarring or a previous cosmetic tattoo that needs touching up or to be fixed?​

  • Do you have little time in the mornings to get ready?​

  • Do you want to save money on traditional make-up items such as eye-liner and lip-liner?

FAQ About Cosmetic Tattooing

Is it painful?

  • The feather touch microblading technique used by Dynamics is world renowned for being a gentle tattoo procedure. Additionally, topical numbing cream can be applied to the ski. Come in for a free consultation if you are thinking about getting a cosmetic tattoo to learn more about.

What is feather-touch microblading?

  • This is a tattoo technique using a microblade needle to gently apply the ink with precise application for great results with the final tattoo.


$50 price is redeemable on any service

90 min                              $50.00


  • $50 charge if cancellation is with less than 24 hours notice.

  • Full charge if cancellation is with less than 1 hour notice